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Scribs Sendin’! (First V8 Outdoors)

Over the past month, I have been going to the gunks a lot. I did The Buddha V7 on a hot 90 degree Saturday. You get a ok heel hook on the right, come into a crimp, and slap to a sloper keeping your heel hook in. The slap to the sloper was at my full extension. After that you come into another sloper with a toe hook on the right and a heel hook on the left. Slap again on the arete on the right then go big to a jug.

Working on The Buddha.

That week I went out to Lost City with Ivan. At the end of the day we tried this climb, it was getting dark. This climb was Funny Killer V8. I worked it for a little and got to the last crux move. I tried it one more time and didn’t get it. We hiked out and i was psyched on that climb. Me and Ivan went later that week in the after noon. After Ivan trying his project, we brought some pads over to Funny Killer. I tried it a couple of times and couldn’t get the move. Ivan said, ”Why are you hitting the hold like this? Hit it like this.” The first time I tried it the right way, I stuck the move, but didn’t finish the problem. After that it was really dark out, I had one more try, so I set a headlamp on a rock and stuck every move perfectly. I felt so light, I wasn’t thinking of anything. I got down from the problem so psyched and we hiked out.

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