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Meet Sarah Laine, Climbing Instructor and Personal Trainer

Meet Sarah, a climbing instructor and a personal trainer at Brooklyn Boulders. Read more for how she can help you use your muscles efficiently.

Sarah Laine is a climbing instructor and coach for our BKBeasts. Her focus is efficiency: in using your energy, and extending your muscles. Read more and see if Sarah’s the right personal trainer or climbing instructor for you.


Sarah Laine (2)

I first started climbing seven years ago and I instantly fell in love with the sport. I started coaching and teaching because I wanted to spread that love around.

Rock climbing is about so much more than getting stronger — it’s about discovering your body’s capabilities and learning how to use your body as efficiently as possible on the wall.  

I have been an instructor and coach for three years, and have a Climbing Wall Instructor certification from the AMGA. My students are climbers of all ages, from adults who are just starting in the sport to competitive youth climbers. Everyone faces different obstacles in climbing, which I help identify and overcome. I find instruction to be so rewarding as I get to help people of all ages and body types experience the transformation that comes from climbing. #MOTIVATE #ACHIEVE #INSPIRE




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