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RECAP: Our first Breakfast Club!

Brooklyn Boulders’ Breakfast Club is a standing tradition across our facilities. However, because Chicago is new, we hadn’t yet implemented it within our walls. Thankfully, with the vision of our Events Manager, Elise, we were able to kick-off Breakfast Club with a bang. 

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Our first Breakfast Club was sponsored by our friends at Leghorn Chicken, known for their seriously addictive chicken sandwiches. This time, they prepared their version of a breakfast sandwich and our wares were quickly gobbled up by the BKB members lucky enough to RSVP in time. We also had brand new Breakfast Club t-shirts on hand.

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Missed April’s Breakfast Club? May’s Breakfast Club takes place Saturday, May 16th from 10:30AM to noon. May’s event will include sponsorship from our neighbors at Eastman Egg Company and include a special Breakfast Club mug for all of your pre-climb caffeine needs. Stay tuned to the Members newsletter for details on RSVPing for future Breakfast Club events!

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