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Community Spotlight: Rebecca Callahan Loves Bouldering

Meet Rebecca, longtime community of Brooklyn Boulders. She’s climbed all over the world, but read more for which problem she’s working on now at BKB.

Meet Rebecca, a longtime community member. While she’s climbed all over the world (Singapore, Malaysia, Beijing, Spain) and enjoys touring other bouldering facilities, she always returns to the walls of Brooklyn Boulders.

How long have you been climbing?  
Five years.
When was the first time you climbed, and how did you get bitten by the bug? 
I got into bouldering when I was living in Beijing, China. It was one of the only things to do that didn’t require Mandarin. A friend of mine had been climbing for ten years, and he showed me techniques. I was instantly hooked because it reminded me so much of ballet, which I had been doing since I was two. The balance and the way you had to work out how to move and shift your body to stay on the wall was really captivating for me.
How has climbing affected other areas of your life? 
Climbing keeps me sharp. Bouldering isn’t a forgiving sport. If I take a week off I notice it and have to start again. It pushes me to keep practicing and new problems always challenge me.

What are you working on at BKB?
I’m projecting a blue 5 on the beast right now, and a couple on the 30 wall. I’m trying to learn how to work with the new European grading in the cave.
Central Park
Bouldering in Central Park


Climbing + community is what makes BKB. Can you describe your experience of climbing + community? 

Bouldering is all about community for me. I love climbing with friends and having a group of us just sitting on the mats and working out problems. Even when I go alone, I always end up meeting new people and projecting together. I climb for the climbing, but also for the experience of meeting up with my friends after a long day of work and doing something that feels productive but fun. A post-climb beer never hurts to cement that community, either.

Climbing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
What else are you working on outside of BKB? Hobbies, passions, etc.? 
I’m a member of NyQueer, which is a subgroup of the New York Collection of Radical Educators. We’re gearing up for Beyond Tolerance on May 6th, our annual conference for queer youth, educators and allies. I’m also passionate about social justice education and addicted to Ballez, a queer ballet class run by Katy Pyle and Jules Skloot.

Join NYQueer for their 10th annual Beyond Tolerance conference for NYC youth and educators to create a safer future for LGBTQ youth on Friday, May 6th at Vanguard High School (317 East 67th Street in Manhattan) from 4:30-8:30pm.
To register today, click here.
Beyond Tolerance 10_LRGVer


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