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Ra Scope Kinesiology Tape Workshop

Brooklyn Boulders hosts a Kinesiology Tape Workshop lead by Equinox personal trainer Ra Scope!

Tuesday, December 8 | 7PM | Free for members

Kinesiology Tape Workshop: where technology and health intersect, we explore how we can help our bodies heal faster under performance.

KT Tape is “an elastic sports and fitness tape designed for muscle, ligament, and tendon pain relief and support”.


Bracing your body, the second-skin adhesive ripples with your muscles, not against them. Pain relief for your aching muscles will reduce the hindrance to your movement if applied correctly– and Ra Scope can show you the way! Muscle taping has been practiced since the days of Hippocrates. Scope will demonstrate proper application of the tape and how to optimize support to heal better, faster, and stronger.


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Ra Scope, a former pro soccer player, is now a certified Personal Trainer for Equinox at Rockefeller Center. As a KT Tape Representative and Application Specialist, Ra provides injury assessment and clinical application of KT tape for patients, professional athletes, and recreational athletes in all sports and physical arenas.

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