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Stand With #ProtectOurPublicLand

Have you heard of the Public Lands Heist? BKB is supporting taking a stand to protect our beautiful lands from a land heist. Here’s how you can get involved to protect outdoor climbing areas.

If you love the outdoors and have not yet heard of the Public Lands Heist, take a look here at 5 things you need to know. Essentially, there is an attempt to transfer federal public land to the states – where landscapes that currently are open to everyone to be enjoyed will be endangered.

“Our public lands – millions of acres of forests, mountains, rivers, and plains – are a part of who we are. Right now, a group of powerful special interests are waging an aggressive campaign to sell off public lands in the west. They want to see our national lands privatized for short-term gain, at the expense of our shared American inheritance. This public land heist threatens hundreds of millions of acres of national forests, rangelands, wildlife refuges, parks, wilderness areas, and historic sites, but it also threatens the fundamental American notion that our public lands belong to everyone.

They exist for the good of all, not the profit of a few.”

Here’s how to help:

Sign the petition & share, a fantastic resource for more information on the situation and how you can take action. 

As a community of urban climbers, we have a special appreciation for the outdoors because they give us a welcome respite from the relentless cityscape. We’ll be posting photos of our own community members climbing in the outdoors on our Instagram to raise awareness — send us yours to to join in.



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