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A Poem About the Gunks by 12-Year Old BKBeasts Member

Hayden is a 12 year old and an original BKBeasts team member. He wrote an inspiring poem after a trip to the Gunks – and realized what most adults tend to forget in their stresses over everyday life: the earth is beautiful, and worth savoring.


His personal intro:¬†Hey, I’m Hayden and I love nature.

“Where We Went Wrong”

photo 4

Once, I took a rock climbing trip to the Gunks.

I had fun, jumping on rocks, seeing a snake.

But the highlight of that trip was when I went to the top of the wall and looked out.

The sight took my breath away.


Hills and valleys of blossoming trees, towering pines,

and a red-stained sky, tainting the trees orange.

I stayed speechless up there for the longest of time,

and realized that for many hundreds of years, the world was like this.


That was when I realized,

humans aren’t the most intelligent animals.

They are the least.

To destroy all these beautiful grassy mountains to put in a new town.


So I will now ask you to help.

To turn that power line to a tree.

To turn that power plant into a plant.

Turn those smoke clouds to rain clouds, and give the Earth back what we took.

– Hayden Mosher-Smith, 2014


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