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Personal Training v. Physical Therapy

Our Head Personal Trainer at BKBQB is already changing lives by taking on traditional physical therapy for back pain with personal training.

We just launched our Personal Training program at #BKBQB and are psyched about the impact it’ll have on our community. Meet Kevin Jackson, who works with our Head Personal Trainer Michael Levenson.

“I’m a teacher and I was living in Forrest Hills and I work at the school around the corner. I have a herniated disk in my L5 vertebrae and used to be a zookeeper at the Bronx Zoo – the physical activity compounded my injury, and I sort of ignored the pain up until a breaking point.

I’ve been in and out of physical therapy for 2.5 years with mixed results and wake in pain everyday. Since I started training with Michael two weeks has done far more to alleviate my pain than the years of physical therapy.

Michael showed me some basic stretching and addressed the way I move – not just in physical activity, but the way I move and sit, and within a week I’m sleeping through the night much better. With each time I meet him, he’s giving me more and more to add to my routine.

I definitely want to get fitter and build up my stamina. To wake up and never have pain in my back is the ultimate goal. Michael is very realistic about where I am, and where I’m going. I feel like I have a better understanding of what my injury is just by working with him. I have a better idea of what’s wrong.”

Got back pain? Try a free personal training consultation at BKBQB with our team of dedicated & relentless trainers!

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