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Personal Training at Brooklyn Boulders

Why did we launch Personal Training at Brooklyn Boulders? Because we want to help you ascend to the next level.

The Personal Training team at BKBQB.

We like to consider our personal training an avenue for personal transformation – to allow for fundamental changes to who you are as a person. To be equipped with new knowledge and tools to make smarter choices. To gain a new perspective on the approaches you take in life. Personal training goes beyond a traditional workout, it helps you transform and evolve for the better, in a facility that trumps the traditional gym, surrounded by a community that’s seeking to do the same.

We launched Personal Training at Brooklyn Boulders a few months ago because we wanted to engage with our community on a deeper, more personal level. Our members are dedicated – whether that’s to climbing, getting a consistent workout, achieving their goals, the community or to simply de-stress and have fun; they’re here for a host of different reasons and that’s why PT at BKB is so valuable. It’s personalized to meet you where you are, and get you where you want to go.

Dream of climbing V10? Our Personal Trainers can help you reach your goals through customized workouts that will up your game in no time. Suffering from a long-standing physical injury? We can help build strength to recover and relieve the pain. When you work out with our personal trainers (with a lot of personality), you can set dedicated goals tailored to you, your body and your mindset. After your session, you have the added benefit of being a part of a diverse community where you can also enjoy a variety of other fitness modalities, from climbing to yoga to our extensive workout equipment and group exercise classes.
Don’t settle for what’s status quo. Up your game with Personal Training at BKB and open up a new world of what is possible.



Stay tuned for more fitness, personal training tips and tricks on how training can help you climb harder.

Interested in personal training at our Brooklyn location? Contact for private instruction as we develop our program there.

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