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Nostalgia for the Now

A sore body loves rest and relaxation: lounging on sun decks, steeping in hot springs, finding a moment of quiet introspection.

I sit quietly in a meditative body-temperature pool at Harbin, feel bubbles form on my skin and gaze out at low-hanging branches of greenery arched gracefully above the water’s surface. I think: how lovely it is to be right here, and how important it is to find a “now” worth living for.

Because you can’t count on the future: it’s not real yet. And the past is vague and elusive, like shadows shifting at twilight, just memories and thoughts–imperceptible electrical impulses when it comes down to it.

Why do we climb? I climb to find my “now.” To bask in places of beauty: the sheer granite cliffs of Yosemite, majestic snow-capped peaks surrounding Bishop, the sublime juncture of sea & rock at Mickey’s Beach…

To focus my existence on a single purpose: a problem, a sequence, a move.

To wonder at the beauty of lines etched into the faces of rocks over the inconceivably immense span of geologic time.

To face my fears. To find the grace & rhythm in my warm, living body to solve a problem written in stone.

Why do you climb? Leave me a comment to share.

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