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No Sleep ‘Till…. Boston?

As the leader of our marketing team it’s important to keep everyone motivated. What better way to get our creative juices going than a road trip to see the new climbing gym being built in Boston? There are only a few ways to get to Boston from Brooklyn and we took the road less traveled, through Orange, CT.

Taking this route allowed us the opportunity to visit the only PEZ Vistors Center in the country. The teams designer and resident PEZ collector since the age of 3, had one of her childhood dreams fulfilled. Over 4,000 square feet dedicated to all things PEZ!
Not having to gas up halfway was amazing and nearly impossible in most cars, so we were excited to be in a Chevy Volt. Free Boston charging stations were an amazing bonus.
After arriving to see the new gym being built it’s easy to see how this place can blur the lines between work, play, art and sport as the original facility in Brooklyn currently does. It’s hard to think of a climbing wall as a piece of art until you see them juxtaposed by street art.  We were truly inspired by our trip and can’t wait to do it all over again.

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