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New Roles at BKB

Brooklyn Boulders exists to inspire and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. It is an active and dynamic environment where growth opportunities are ever present for those on the team and for community members alike. All you have to do is be brave and bold enough to go after them. A few on the BKB team have recently identified optimal roles for themselves within the company and set out to secure new positions. For only being open for four short months we are proud of these individuals for being pro-active and look forward to all the growth potential that exists for the entire team as time goes on. We are pleased to announce them in their new roles:

Matthew AllardMatt Allard is now our Membership Sales Director, a multi-facility position. Matt is responsible for creating, driving and tracking membership initiatives, promotions and sales. With two very successful sales under his belt, Mr. Allard is off to an incredible start.

– Matthew Allard









Samantha-LopezSamantha Lopez from the Brooklyn team is our new Membership Service Director, which is a multi facility role. Samantha is now responsible for interacting with, engaging, tracking and retaining our customers on a continuing and ongoing basis. She is also responsible for managing all the technical back-office functions, which include billing, policies and general ninja practices and plans to further our customer service programming.

Samantha Lopez







Jenna NortonJenna Norton started as our Fitness Manager at BKB Somerville and is now the Director of Fitness company-wide. She will be working with Rocco and other members of the team to build out and refine our fitness offerings. In addition to building off of P3, Jenna has been developing some very cool hybrid fitness offerings that will greatly expand Brooklyn Boulders’ overall fitness offering to the community.

– Jenna Norton



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