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New Mural at BKB! Meet the Artist.

Our newest art installation comes in the form of a massive mural, by DC based artist and former BKB employee, Jordann Wine. Read more to find out what inspires her and the flurry of triangles.

Jordann Wine
Artist Jordann Wine at BKB.
Who are you and how did you get to Brooklyn?
 I am Jordann Wine and I got to Brooklyn by driving – at least for this trip. I’m an artist based out of Washington, DC, focusing on mostly abstract work, painting, drawing, and anything that glitters. After graduating from NYU, I left NYC for 9 months, when I returned I moved to Brooklyn and found BKB as a sanctuary for climbing, and as a community to work in.

How’d you get into rock climbing?
My brother introduced me to climbing years ago, when I first tried it wasn’t my thing. Years later I did a National Outdoor Leadership School course in Arizona, we had a week of climbing, and it was awesome. I then regularly went climbing at the gyms and finally found my way to BKB.
A finished mural on Rugby Ave in Bethesda, MD.
A finished mural on Rugby Ave in Bethesda, MD.
What is this piece influenced by? 
I love working with triangles and I wanted to create something with movement because that is what people do at BKB. I often focus on moving from one color to another straight from light to dark, but for this piece I also wanted to incorporate oscillating color, the color moving back and fourth  before fading into another color. When I worked here, the logo was orange. So it’s a subtle ode to my beginnings and my relationship with BKB. The more I thought about colors, orange and teal came to my mind.
I have a sketch, but I don’t follow it directly. I have a sense of where it’s going, but it’s free form.
What inspires you?
Planet earth, sunrises, sunsets, the ocean, the movement of light and reflections, patterns and numbers, glitter, smiles, color, great design, travel and immersion in new cultures, learning from others, mandalas, sacred geometry. Painting is a form of meditation. What I do is tedious and repetitive, but I fall into a flow state.
Jordann Wine copy
Come check out the fully finished piece by the retail space. We also just got in new tees, check ’em!
Want more art? See Jordann’s website here and our past profile on artist Caleb Freese here.
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