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New in the Pro Shop: Evolv Shaman

Send Supplies is now stocked with Evolv’s latest addition to their Sharma Signature Series: the Shaman. The most aggressive shoe yet in the Sharma line, the Shaman is designed for steeply overhanging rock; if you spend the majority of your time climbing the beast, you should check out the Shaman.


Toe Box:  The Shaman features a highly asymmetrical, violently down turned toe box that is ideally suited to snagging miniscule foot chips on steep angles.  (With a slightly more severe down turn than the 5.10 Blackwings, the Shaman is now the most aggressive shoe that we carry.)  Unique to the Shaman is the ‘love bumb’, an extra piece of rubber installed underneath the toes that eliminates excess space and helps the shoe retain it’s profile.  The Shaman is also unlined, meaning less fabric between foot and wall, and thus greater sensitivity.  The toe box comes coated with Evolv’s TRAX XT high friction rubber, a sticky concoction that will keep you glued to tiny holds. Those partial to toe hooking will enjoy the liberal application of rubber that Evolv applied to the topside of the shoe.

Upper:  The upper consists primarily of pigskin – a departure from Evolv’s usual synthetic uppers – a change which should eliminate the stink factor that often plagues Evolv shoes. Because it is a leather construction, you can expect the Shaman to stretch and to conform your foot (though the liberal application of rubber on top of the toe box, and around the heel, should keep the stretch pretty minimal).  Closure is handled by three Velcro straps, including an opposing a middle strap that eliminates any play in the arch of the shoe.

Overall, we’re pretty excited about the Shaman.  Come into the store and try a pair on for yourself.

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