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Meet the Mysterious Alex Legos

A couple of weeks ago, we stumbled across a mysterious Instagram account featuring photos of climbing, bouldering, slacklining and yoga. Entirely made up of Legos. We interivew Alex Legos to find out a bit more.

Alex Legos, "just hanging around".

Who are you, really?
Just Alex Legos for now.

Alex Legos, international climber of mystery.
Alex Legos, international climber of mystery.

You’re making good progress to reach your aim to climb 5.16. So it seems it’s just a question of time until you stand on the top. What’s coming after that?
I would like to travel the world and climb all the hardest problems in every country I visit and meet my idols I look up to.

Does the shape of your lego hands affect your climbing ability?
Not really my hands, but my legs affect my climbing ability.

alex legos 5

Lots of people at your age are playing video games or Lego the whole day. You have to focus on your training. How can you do that at the age of 11? Who supports you?
My parents are my biggest supporters. I have a very strict training schedule, but I still find time to play with Lego, ride my bike with friends and doing normal kid things like catch lizards. It’s important for me to have a normal childhood.

What’s your strict training schedule?
I train after school Monday to Friday either at the local crag or my indoor bouldering wall and climb one of the weekend days.

alex legos 3
Have you ever heard of Alex Megos? 
I have heard of Alex Megos and someday I would like to meet him. Maybe we could work a project together.

Do you think about participating in the IFSC world cup someday?
At the moment I am concentrating on my climbing here in Australia. If I am invited to climb in the IFSC World Cup then of course I would compete.
alex legos 2
Your fan-crowd is growing and growing. Are there already some sponsors knocking on your door?
I already have a sponsor, Kletter Retter. They make hand cream that I use after every climbing session. Without it I couldn’t climb and train as much as I do. I’m hoping for more sponsorship so if there are any company’s out there who would like to sponsor me, I can be contacted at

What inspires you?
The people I climb with inspire and also my followers that I have now.

So, as far as we can tell, Alex Legos is an incredibly talented and creative 11-year old from Australia who loves climbing. We’re stoked to see what else he comes up with, and for his big reveal.

Follow Alex Legos on Instagram for his latest training updates.

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