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Meet the Artist: Hyo Taek Kim

Another art piece is nearly complete at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge! Meet the artist behind this magical piece, Hyo Taek Kim.

Hyo's mural at BKBQB.

Hyo has been a longtime BKB member & climber, who hails from Sāo Paulo, Brazil. Ashima Shiraishi schooled him on the 45 wall when he first started climbing at BKBOG, but he’s come a long way since.

Hyo, climbing at BKBQB.
Hyo, climbing at BKBQB.

He’s an extreme sports enthusiast who enjoys everything that gets his heart racing and palms sweaty.

Right now, Hyo is working on a documentary called “The Bucket Project”, inspired by his older brother, Hyo Nam, who suddenly passed away 5 years ago. They had gone on many great trips together, especially climbing and snowboarding.

Hyo, photographed by Ewan Burns.
Hyo, photographed by Ewan Burns.

“In recognition of his fearless, adventurous spirit, I am planning on doing a travel series that fulfills his bucket list. It’ll be a video series sharing videos of me fulfilling things on Hyo Nam’s bucket list, my personal bucket list and strangers’ bucket lists. This project is very important to me. Even though I’m not a “professional athlete,” I want to show that ordinary people should be able to push their limits and do everything they wish to do in this lifetime. Life is short so we should enjoy it to the fullest with no fear or regrets.”

What is your dream canvas?
I have way too many “dream canvases” at the moment. I want to design snowboards, skateboards, food trucks, airplanes, spaceships. . . anything and everything!

Are there common themes to your work?
I love painting clouds. Why? It’s just something I started doing after my brother passed away. They symbolize my brother’s presence.

What have you been working on?
I’ve been trying to do more murals, paintings, artsy stuff and less design work. Though I love doing my graphic design as well!

Oh, also I’ve been doing some posters on the side. Some of them got a lot of attention from the media recently! Check them out at

What’s your favorite color?
PANTONE Orange 021 U.

Hyo's mural at BKBQB.
Hyo’s mural at BKBQB.

hyo mural bkbqb art 2

Check out Hyo’s work at his website here, and say hi to him next time you’re at BKB!

 Hyo Taek Kim is a Brazilian Korean American with artistic influences from his multicultural background. His energetic paintings and animated illustrations bring imaginative creatures to life, portraying his experiences in a whimsical light. Hyo graduated with a BFA in Communication Design from Parson, The New School of Design.

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