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Meet BKB’s Newest Route Setter: Danielle Hughes

Danielle is the first participant in our Route Setting Apprentice Program joining us from Vermont by way of San Fran. Read on to discover more about Danielle and how she hopes to influence the community to ‘Climb Like a Girl’!

So this is your first experience as a route setter, right? What made you interested in route setting?

I started climbing about 3 years ago in a gym and been curious as to the process behind creating a route. In addition, I have always wondered if a female had set any of the routes I was climbing, but I often got the sense that there was rarely female route setting.


What are you most excited about for BKB?

In addition to the route setting apprenticeship, I am a coach for the youth team and am hoping to be involved in the Climb Like A Girl program. Having several roles within BKB has me stoked on what a female can offer to each of those communities.


What are your passions and hobbies off the wall?

I love exploring my community, traveling, and reading. I love to do sudokus in the mornings, I enjoy yoga, and I love finding good bakeries around the city.


Where are you from, and what brought you to NYC?

I am originally from Vermont, but most recently moved from the Bay Area. I moved to NYC to be closer to my partner.


Who is your favorite climbing hero?

Beth Rodden


Who is your favorite author/writer/thinker?

Kurt Vonnegut


If you went to University, what did you study?

I graduated from Portland State University with a degree in Community Development.


Do you want the chance to be our next route setter? Join us for our Level 1 Route Setting Clinic on November 7, 2017, and meet Danielle and the team!


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