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Meet Adam Gallo, Personal Trainer

Meet Adam Gallo, a personal trainer at Brooklyn Boulders who firmly believes in fun.

Meet Adam Gallo, a personal trainer at Brooklyn Boulders. His background is a hybrid of climbing, martial arts, and group fitness, so buckle up and enjoy the ride to accomplish your personal training goals.


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 12.50.31 AMEver since I was a child, I have believed that the most honorable positions are ones that improve the lives of individuals and communities at large.

Building off of that, I personally believe the strongest communities are ones that have happy, healthy, educated and strong members.

In my twenty years of experience teaching group and private fitness and Martial Arts, six of which I served as the Owner/Operator of a successful boutique Personal Training and Group Fitness gym, I have had the opportunity to witness what propels individuals and communities to feel happy and to live healthfully.

I have over four years of bouldering experience. Utilizing a variety of modalities, including Yoga, Pilates, Mixed Martial Arts and Plyometrics, I educate, inspire and entertain my clients, in turn helping them to reach their goals.

My training motto is and always will be: Fun must come first! #MOTIVATE #ACHIEVE #INSPIRE


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