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Meatball + Miss Toto Visit BKBQB!

Check out the video of Meatball and Miss Toto’s epic visit to Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge, and read our Q&A with the producer!

Miss Toto and Meatball at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge

BKBQB was given the gift of glamor a little bit ago when Meatball and Miss Toto came by to give climbing a try!

We had an amazing time hanging out with them. And now you can have an amazing time yourself by reading our Q&A with their producer, Michael, and watching their video!

BKB: Could you please start by introducing yourself?
Michael: I’m Michael and I’m one of the producers for Welcome to Meatland.

BKB: How did the idea to come rock climbing first materialize?
Michael: The idea to visit Brooklyn Boulders came up because we have some friends who are active members at the Chicago Brooklyn Boulders and since a lot of us were going to be in New York for RuPaul’s Drag Con, we thought it would be fun to all get together and shoot an episode of the series with a friend who could teach us how to climb! The night before the shoot, our climbing friend wasn’t able to do it. So we called up our body building friend, Miss Toto to see how much rock climbing experience she had (zero), but she was more than willing to come out and climb with us! It ended up working out great because Miss Toto is the best and her and Meatball compliment each other really well, and it was fun to watch them navigate learning how to climb together.

BKB: What brought the team to Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge?
Michael: We went to Queensbridge mainly because Lexy (QB’s Event Coordinator) was so open and helpful! We reached out to several other rock climbing facilities and Queensbridge was by far the best one.

BKB: How long have Meatball and Miss Toto been a duo?
Michael: Meatball and Miss Toto have worked together only a handful of times in the past! Meatball went to Miami to perform with Miss Toto in the past and Miss Toto has come out to Los Angeles and worked with Meatball as well. This is the first Welcome to Meatland video with Miss Toto!

BKB: How long have they been making videos?
Michael: Meatball has been doing Welcome to Meatland for about a year now, and this is Miss Toto’s first guest appearance.

BKB: Are Meatball and Miss Toto Hornet fixtures? How are they connected to Hornet?
Michael: Meatball is a full blown institution at Hornet. Her videos are their most watched and she is one of the more popular people on the app!

BKB: Where can we learn more about Meatball, Miss Toto, and you?
Michael: You can find out all you need to know about these two queens on Instagram! Meatball: @spiciestmeatball and Miss Toto: @themisstoto. Follow them so you can see when they will be back in New York and catch them performing. Also be sure to check out more Welcome to Meatland videos on Youtube or the Hornet app! As for me, you can go check out the film I recently produced on Amazon, it’s called Bitter Melon, and stay tuned for the next Welcome To Meatland videos that will be coming out in the next few weeks!

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