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Personal Training with Luke Livesey

Luke Livesey, head coach for our BKBeasts team, is also an instructor here at Brooklyn Boulders! Learn more about what inspires him and what he can do to help you achieve your personal climbing and fitness goals.

Head Instructor, Luke.

Personal train with Luke Livesey, a climbing instructor as well as our head coach for our BKBeasts competitive team. He reveals what inspires and #motivates  him as a climber and in achieving his personal fitness goals.


luke how to fall

My biggest satisfaction is helping climbers not only reach their goals — but exceed them.  Whether a recreational climber is stuck in a performance plateau, a competitive climber is looking to win big, or a climber is new to the sport and looking for expert guidance, I can teach them what they need to accelerate their progress.

Success for me isn’t simply giving answers: it’s the process of teaching a lesson. I want each of my clients to enjoy the process (and the hard work!) that goes into becoming a confident climber. I love motivating each of my clients to accomplish their goals.

I’m the Head Coach for the BKBeasts Youth Team, and have provided instruction and coaching to youth and adults for the last six years of my nineyear climbing career. I also work with numerous competitive para-climbers, (including multiple national and international gold medalists), and anyone else looking to seriously upgrade their climbing game.

Observing before teaching is key: I like to take the time to watch a climber on the wall before anything else. I’m very methodical in my approach I believe practice, training and conditioning are all necessary for improvement. Please request a free consultation with me. This allows me the opportunity to see a client’s strengths, weaknesses and climbing habits enabling me to  plan sessions accordingly. #MOTIVATE #ACHIEVE #INSPIRE

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