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Love for Puppies: July #BeASweatAngel + Turmeric for Dogs

Human’s best friend: dogs. BKB’s best friend: Ophelia, resident pup of BKBOG. This month, check in on Facebook when you visit BKB to help donate medication to rescued animals and get a discount off healthy turmeric pills!


We’ve partnered with SweatAngels to bring awareness and donate to a different charity each month.

To help out, it’s stunningly simple, even a 13 year old with a Facebook account can do it: just check-in to Brooklyn Boulders when you come hang out, and you’re well on your way to being a good Samaritan.

Check out the Sweat Angels page to learn more!

Want to show even more #bkblove to your furry friends?

BKB member Mike (see his tattoo story here) has started a company that creates all-natural joint supplements made with organic turmeric for active and ailing dogs.


Check it out here – BKB members get $18 off their first purchase with the code “BKBDRVIP”.


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