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Loomstate x Fred White

Loomstate collaborates with BKB climber and artist Fred White.

Remember Brooklyn-based artist Fred White? His beautiful hand painted clothes are inspired by and detailed with the mindfulness of climbing. is collaborating with Fred White to offer hand painted, custom order pieces on chambray; they took him on a hike to find out what makes White tick:

We know NY can get cramped, physically and time-wise. How do you manage to have a creative space?
I find the creative space all around me, inside and out. It’s a complicated city, but life and nature are complex and that excites wonder in me. I don’t try to fight against the challenges of city living, they are too many and I’d lose. Instead I try living with the reality that everything is changing all time and that change is the most powerful and creative force in the universe. New York City itself with it’s massive steel and concrete giants, underground portals and labyrinths of streets is a massive creative space. I seek inspiration wherever I am and absorb the array of sounds, textures, shapes, colors, and vibrations that come alive in the city and transform the creative energies that flow through the brush and paint onto a shirt and called artwork.

Read more about Fred White, why he climbs and his creative process here.

To buy a piece and learn more about White, visit Loomstate here. 

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