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Life At BKB

A lot of people that come climbing at BKB end up making friends. How do I know? Because I am currently living with two friends who have been climbing here since July of last year.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.55.11 AMThey told me about their experiences climbing in different parts of the world (South America, Europe, South Africa) and in different boulder gyms. They told me all about climbing styles and climbing walls. It’s thanks to them that I got to know BKB.

Let me tell you a little bit about our story and how I ended up working and climbing here.

I met my friends while I was teaching Spanish in Chile about 3 years ago. They are originally from the United States but they had traveled to Chile to work. One day they asked me if I like to climb, and I must have said, “What?” or “I don’t know? I’ve never tried that before.”

So they invited me to go climbing on a wall located in a shopping mall in Santiago, Chile. That was my first experience climbing and I must say I was terrified once I reached the top of the wall and looked down – OMG I’m scared of heights. Afterward they took me to a bouldering gym with smaller walls that you can climb without a harness. To me, that was less scary.

However, after many climbs, parties and craziness, my beloved friends left Chile to come back to America and I thought to myself, “Well…this is it, I may not see them again in a thousand years.”

I suppose life has its ways.

I have been studying Tourism in Austria since last year, and I am now studying in the United States for the summer. Since our time in Chile, I have always stayed in contact with my friends. It was them who told me about BKB, the spot where they now climb. What a good idea!

So, for me, what is it that makes BKB special and different from other climbing facilities?

1) The Location: BKB Somerville is located in a great neighborhood, very central in Somerville. There are bars and restaurants nearby, as well as houses and supermarkets. It is very easy to reach by foot or by bike.

2) The Facility: It’s a rock climbing facility, but it also has tons of exercise machines, so people can climb and workout.

3) The Space Itself: The gym is very bright and very open. The atmosphere is nice and chill. The gym is decorated with colorful graffiti which is a great improvement from a gym that is very closed and plain.

4) The Activities: There are yoga lessons every week, bootcamp classes, and BKB also hosts different events, shows, performances, birthday parties and the like.

5) The Community: One of the things that most differentiates this facility from the others is the vast quantity of people that come here everyday – as my friends have told me, and I’ve seen a bit so far. On any given day, you might meet a climber from China visiting Harvard or you might meet a local climber who’s been climbing in the area for 30 years. BKB draws international people and a very diverse kind of people. Everyone is friendly and it’s easy to make friends since you are joined together by common goals: becoming a better climber, staying fit, relaxing and having fun.

To finish my little story, I could say something cute like: real friendship always lasts and here I am, climbing again with my friends whom I thought I wouldn’t see in a thousand years! But I could also say something like: BKB is a place where this sort of thing can happen all the time.

– Daniela Lazo

Daniela was born in Santiago, Chile. She is studying Tourism in Salzburg, Austria, now living in Boston for the summer.

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