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Community Spotlight: Meet Lani Robinson

Meet Lani Robinson. Her dad climbs here, but her favorite part about climbing is seeing all the lady crushers crushin’ it.

You’ve met Raheim, a community member you’ll see on our bouldering walls! Meet Lani, Raheim’s daughter. #ClimberFamiliesUnite!

Who are you and how did you get to Brooklyn Boulders? 
My name is Lani Robinson, I’m a full time student and model and I also long board. I started climbing after I entered into an obstacle course competition in Central Park and won best time for girls under 14 (I was 9 then).
What has climbing taught you? 
Climbing has taught me to be much more patient and to take my time and not rush things. It has also taught me to challenge myself more and try harder when I feel I want to accomplish something.
How has climbing changed your life?
I think I’m a lot stronger than I was before I started, especially my arms.
Who inspires you to be an amazing girl?
I’d say my dad. He pushes me to be great on and off the wall. He always tells me to “do it right or not to do it at all” I think about that when I doubt myself sometimes.
What are your biggest current projects, on and off the wall? There’s a pink V2 in the cave in queens I’m working on. Off the wall I’m working on booking some acting roles coming up that I’m excited about .
How long have you been part of the BKB community & what’s your favorite part about it?
I’ve been a member since July. My favorite part about it is being able to watch other girls climb and learning from them as they climb so I can become a better climber.

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IG: @lillanirobinson
FB: Lillani Robinson
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