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Kickstart This | Covry Sunwear

Brooklyn Boulders is the perfect, fertile bed for collaboration: get your blood pumping on the wall and keep your brain pumping off the wall! Athina and Florence were taking a well-earned break off of our 30/45 walls when Covry Sunwear was born.

Florence and Athina are rocking the fashion accessory world in bringing fun, fashionable fit to sunglasses for diverse faces! The Covry “Elevated Fit” conquers the challenge of wearing sunglasses with a low nose bridge while lookin’ good.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign here.


Where did you get the name Covry?

Athina: We liked the word cove” because it’s such a calm sounding word. Someone said we should make up a name for our company, so people don’t immediately associate anything else with it – so we turned cove into Covry!

How did you two meet?

Florence: We’re both from Jersey, we met in high school in Cherry Hill, South Jersey. Two years ago, we were climbing by the 30/45 wall and taking a break when we discussed ideas and started talking about Covry.


What are your inspirations for Covry?

Florence: We were just frustrated with sunglasses that didn’t fit us– if we need this, other people do too. For the guys, we wanted something really classic, something they could wear anytime and that could be sporty but also for the city. Wayfarer is a classic shape. For girls, we wanted staple, go-to shapes.

What’s the most difficult challenge so far?

Athina: Communicating with people overseas. We always imagine it’ll work out a certain way, and it’s completely different than we thought. There were so many areas that we didn’t anticipate would happen.

Florence: We had to tailor and tweak so many things… it helps to have a really good partner. She’s really encouraging, and we kind of just suck it up and push through.

Athina: Taking more time to figure things out and think things through helps, too.

Covry sunwear
Pieter rocks some Covry shades

Are there any other sunglasses out there right now that offer what Covry does?

Athina: Oakley has an “Asian fit”, but the style is different, it’s for a different customer. There are other brands, but they are typically at a higher price point.

Florence: Covry Sunwear isn’t just for Asians, either. We designed the ‘Elevated Fit’ for men and women of any race, with low nose bridges. The nose pads are longer, the nose bridge is narrower, and we flattened out the angle of the sunglasses.

Covry Sunglasses: Blue

Any other dreams for Covry?
Florence: We’re collaborating with some fashion bloggers soon so watch out for that!

Athina: Also, we’ve always wanted to donate  a portion of proceeds to a vision charity.


Help support Athina and Florence by checking out their Kickstarter campaign and spreading the #bkblove.

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