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Kevin Sweeney: Quality Online Content

Kevin Sweeney, Director of Engineering at Vimeo, shares the best online quality content.

Kevin Sweeney is the Director of Engineering at Vimeo. He dishes on where to find the best content:

What is your favorite source of content?

It’s hard to keep up with the video gems on a daily basis. Our curation team puts on screenings of their favorite videos from our Staff Picks channel each month for the rest of the company, which is a good way to ingest the best of the best.

I’ve been getting really into the amazing cooking videos that we have, when I do get the chance to casually browse the site. We have plenty drool over in our Food category. The Meatmen and ChefSteps have some particularly great videos.

When I’m feeling particularly nostalgic, I’ll see what’s new in the Antarctica category. I went there six years ago and it was truly awesome (in the original sense of the definition)!

What do you feel distinguishes AMAZING content today?
Anything that is both honest to itself and really stings you on an emotional level. There are too many videos to count, but some worth checking out on Vimeo are:




Action Man: Battlefield Casualties



Conrad and The Steamplant



Grandpa and Me and a Helicopter to Heaven

I really think this applies to more than just artistic mediums, though. I recently read an interview between Lena Dunham and Gloria Steinem that was particularly great because here you have two people, who I imagine haven’t spoken at particularly great length or depth before this interview, speak very frankly about (amongst other things) how and when they cry, for what reasons, and how that makes them feel. I love that kind of honesty and vulnerability.

How do you apply inspiration from amazing content to your job and responsibilities?
I always to try keep an eye out for motion and animation, be it on Vimeo or other websites that I come across. Much of my work as a front-end developer was focused on taking designers’ work that extra mile, typically through the use of transitions and animation.

At the very least, I try to make sure that anything particularly inspiring finds its way to the rest of my team.

What’s your least favorite kind of content?
Spam. We go to great lengths to keep it off the site, but as we adapt, so do the spammers. More than a few of our engineers have gone out on personal vendettas to shut those accounts down. For all the creation that Vimeo stands for, there’s something truly cathartic about the act of destroying that which doesn’t belong.

How do I get a job as a Vimeo staff curator?
Keep checking our jobs page ! I’m not sure when our Curation team will be growing next, but I can’t fault you for wanting to watch great videos all day!

What are your top three Vimeo videos this month?








What about the internet or apps do you feel we can change today in order to improve the quality of engagement/socialization/content in the long run?
Maybe I’m not reaching very far on this one, but I think recommended/tailored videos, articles, etc. is going to be much more of a priority in the coming years (it certainly will be at Vimeo.)

The real trick for sites and apps is going to be creating something helpful while keep a healthy distance from creepy territory. Think: Facebook targeting ads based on your recently-changed relationship status or the famous case of Target sending a girl coupons for baby items before her father knew she was pregnant.



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