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It’s a long ways down

It’s a long long ways down.

Saturday morning in the city, it’s a little bit chilly, beautiful cotton candy clouds floating overhead across the bluest sky further lit by the contrast of the skyline in progress.

So very visible by it’s ever growing heights, the freedom tower is beginning to exemplify what we have overcome and the bright future in sight.
The job at work today is to do an inspection of the sliding crane that sits on the 91st floor today out over the west side highway. After being cleared by the security personal, we take two different elevators up, ever higher into the building to the end of its line, then take some stairs up further to the 92nd floor… where we climb out onto the crane and take in the amazing view that so few have privilege of seeing at the moment, the silent New York ever still in its concrete footing, free from horns and chatter.

It’s much more windy up here then down below, and it feels awesome.
We are sure to check and double check our pockets and harnesses, this is not the place to have a foolish accident, and drop anything, a carabeiner, shoe, phone… None of which would be well thought of by the people on the ground.
We climb on to the crane boom and inspect for potential issues, fatigue cracks, loosened  bolts etc.
I climb underneath the boom, dangling  from two short cords, over 1000 feet of air and perhaps my favorite place to be now.

The inspection goes well and the workers on the tower look at us like monkeys in a zoo, staring at the ludicrous  inspectors climbing all over the crane, they take picture,  point and give wide eyed stares perhaps wondering what’s going through our minds, the answer – bliss.


-Jeff the monkey

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