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Introducing Robin Fusco, Writer | BKB Artist Residency

Our latest Artist Residency: Robin Fusco, a writer who will be working with the community to develop a short play, inspired by our members, that will be the first of its kind at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge.

“One of the first things that impressed me about Brooklyn Boulders was the sense of community. I find it inspirational, and, during my residency, I am going use it as a muse to develop a short play. In order to get a sense of the diversity and the individuals that make Brooklyn Boulders unique, I need to speak to as many members as possible. From these interviews I’ll develop a fictional play, which I will write while in one of the co-working spaces, and the play will be performed for the community in January.

You – yes, you – are what makes this community special and a part of the inspiration for this piece. I want to learn more about you. We’ll chat about what drew you to climbing, how it makes you feel, and, perhaps, share some stories of days on the wall. You don’t have to prepare anything. Just bring yourself.”

Say hi and chat with Robin at BKB Queensbridge during the following times to be a part of her project:

  • November 3,  2-5PM
  • November 7, 6-7PM
  • November 9, 4-6PM
  • November 12, 9:30AM-11AM
  • November 14 ,12-2PM

I believe that stories are a type of magic. Through them we explore different worlds, new perspectives, and expanded possibilities.

You can also email her at to set up a time or if you’re interested in being part of the performance itself!
RobinFusco (2)
Robin Fusco is known for shattering social conventions in her work. She frequently creates characters who refuse to bend to society’s expectations and believes stories are a way of playing what if and, ultimately, of spurring change. Robin is also a performer. Similar to her writing, she most enjoys portraying unapologetic women who possess sharp senses of irony and refined wits. She writes for film, television, and the theatre and enjoys being able to instantly visit whatever world she chooses by simply creating it. Robin holds an MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage from Point Park University and a BA in Theatre from Muhlenberg College.

Visit Robin’s website at or connect with her on Twitter @robinfusco.

To learn more about our Artist Residency Program, check it out here.

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