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Introducing James Sisti | BKB Artist Residency

Our newest addition to our BKB Artist Residency Program is James Sisti, who will be embarking on a seven month journey to climb Mt. Rainer and the Presidential Traverse. He’ll be documenting his journey through journals, art and finishing with a final documentary.

Photo by: | Korcan Yurdacan

Every adventure is an experience; original material to weave stories from. They are honest, unique, and relatable. Exploring the world, whether on the summit of a foreboding mountain, or in the depths of a clear-blue ocean, unlocks the potential of our creativity. My adventures are what inspire me to write and document not only the wonderful sights of nature, but also the human elements leading up to the moment. Thoughts, fears, trials, and grit. When does an experience become a story worth a damn? When you bury your tears, dig your heels into the dirt, and give it all you got.


Greetings from Brooklyn! My name is James Sisti, and I am an artist and aspiring alpinist who takes climbing mountains as seriously as I take writing and drawing. Inspired by artists such as Barron Storey, and athletes like Ed Viesturs, I document my experiences and pursue every opportunity to raise the bar by challenging myself, in order to follow in the footsteps of my heroes.

Over the course of the next seven months, I plan to complete a series of illustrated writings and a short independent film, which will document:

  • Completing New Hampshire’s Presidential Traverse in less than 48 hours
  • A summit attempt on Mt. Rainier, Washington
  • The rigorous training process leading up to these climbs
  • The physical and emotional journey through it all.


This story is about recognizing the necessity of transformation and the willingness to undergo a change, in order to attain a goal that is currently out-of-reach. The body of work will question how we, as individuals, view growth, measure will-power, and how pushing personal limits on a climb can translate into overcoming extreme challenges that are sometimes thrust upon us in everyday life. In addition, I would like this film to help educate new climbers about limiting their footprint and preserving popular climbing routes. This work will inspire urban climbers to train up their skills and become more involved in their climbing community.


I am truly excited to begin this project and embark on a journey which will change not only the way I climb, but also who I am as a person. Sharing this journey is a genuine expression that will resonate with a large and diverse audience, and will cause people to consider how far they are willing to challenge themselves in order to reach their goals. I hope that my work will raise awareness and support for charitable causes, invoke stewardship for our parks and trails, and inspire people to live life as an adventure.

Please feel free to reach me via email, and be sure to say hi in person. I would love to hear from you, as well as listen to any ideas, or answer any questions you might have.


Also, please follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!

To learn more about our Artist Residency Program, check it out here.

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