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Introducing BKB Chicago x General Assembly

We’re happy to announce a new partnership between BKB Chicago and our good friends at General Assembly. This partnership will include discounts for members as well as a series of community-related events taking place in Chicago and the BKB Chicago facility.

To kick of this partnership, BKB Chicago will host “Intro to the Chicago Design Community.” This FREE panel, networking opportunity, and art activation event covers key events, companies, people, current issues, and career paths in the industry will introduce you to the design world in Chicago!

 WHEN: Tuesday, June 16th, 6:30-8:30pm



  • A well-rounded panel featuring some of Chicago’s best and brightest in the design world.
  • Art car activation with ZipCar where all attendees will get together and collaboratively paint the car together.



Moderator: Isaac Steiner, Research + Design for Products, Platforms, Services, Fuzzy Math, General Assembly PT Visual Design Course Instructor

  • Billy Carlson, Director of UX, Threadless
  • Jeffrey Guerrero, Graphics Coordinator, Threadless
  • Annemarie Spitz, Design Researcher, Greater Good Studio
  • Aaron Maurer, Art Director / Designer, The August Jackson Company



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