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Introducing Artist Leah Bank | BKB Artist Residency

We’re psyched to announce that we’re kicking off our Artist Residency program at Brooklyn Boulders with photographer and climber Leah Bank. Get to know your fellow community member and support the creation of more #art.

Hello, September! Hello, Brooklyn being back to normal. Hello, launch of our Artist Residency program.
Artist Leah Bank, via her website.
Artist Leah Bank, by Dominick Mastrangelo.

We’re very excited to introduce Leah Bank, a photographer and climber who was raised in asmall town in Southern Vermont, but moved to Brooklyn a year ago (woot woot!) to pursue a career in photography.  While she’s not shooting or editing, you can find her climbing neon colored plastic rocks at Brooklyn Boulders, booking plane tickets & trying really hard not to kill all of her plants.

She will be photographing members of our Brooklyn community for the next three months —

My inspiration comes from finding the absurd, the playful, and the beautiful within the mundanity of daily life.  My work explores the intimacy of romance, friendship, and chance encounter.  I create images that are often slightly uncomfortable or surreal but that showcase an inner sense confidence and honesty.  I am drawn to people, flowers, balloons and half finished food.  I believe that life & art are about play – its all a game but we’ve lost the rules so let’s just have fun.

Portrait By Leah Bank
Portrait By Leah Bank


How did you start climbing?
I’ve had a few roommates through the years who first introduced me to climbing, but I really go into it last fall when I finally got cleared for sports after a long 6-months healing up from shoulder surgery.  I was new to Brooklyn and looking for a hobby to get me out of my apartment and away from computer screens, and climbing proved to be the perfect fit.  When I first walked into BKB I felt a warm welcoming energy emanating from the walls and the people.  Climbing soon escalated from a weekly outing to a mild obsession.  The combination of strength, grace and creative problem solving required keep me going up the wall, but it is the positive community vibes that bring me back into the gym day after day.
Awesome. We’re so glad to have you be one of the first artists we’re working with. 
Yeah, I’m super stoked to combine my passion for climbing with my passion for photography during my *artist residency*!  I will be shooting portraits of climbers in NYC that capture the spirit and diversity of the BKB community.  All portraits will be staged at BKBOG or BKBQB.  Hit me up if you’d like to set up a portrait session!!! I can’t wait to get started on this project, make awesome art and get to know some new faces.
Want to be photographed by Leah? Shoot us a line at

Interested in applying for our Artist Residency program? Check it out here. 

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