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Hanging around: Jeff Tan

So I’m hanging off two short ropes and I look down and it reminds me of the time I went sky diving, the cars so tiny and the Manhattan skyline looking like I’m in a plane. People are almost indistinguishable up here and the conditions a bit cold and windy.The job at hand is to do a magnetic particle inspection of the boom of a crane that’s mounted of what would replace the buildings that had fallen over ten years ago. My name is Jeffrey Tan, and I work in the field of industrial climbing under rope access.

The game is the same as in the gym–don’t fall… the stakes are a little bit higher though. You might have seen me climbing at BKB, jumping around like a monkey, but that’s only half the story. My aim is to share experiences with you from the climbing of the (under-construction) Freedom Tower and the bridges connecting the boroughs, to my unforgettable experiences camping and climbing in Bishop and Yosemite. This is my life and I hope you find it interesting, so until next time, this is Jeff the monkey signing out.

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