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Improving the ACW

By now you are probably asking yourself: “What is Brooklyn Boulders doing to the Active Collaborative Workspace? They are ruining my favorite spot!”

acw edited

Rest assured, the changes happening to this space will make for an improved active collaboration experience. The ACW is being repositioned within our facility after receiving customer feedback. We have given this process much careful thought and decided that this relocation will better serve our community in its entirety.

Not convinced yet? Here’s how it will work.

Fitness equipment users have complained that our current room is small and stuffy. They want room to gallop in the open air. This will happen when our fitness room is relocated to the far end of our current workspace, precisely where all of those new, silencing, premium rubber tiles have been placed.

Yoga goers and day users have complained that our yoga space is not quiet enough.  As it stands, music and clanging dumbbells from the Fitness Room can be overheard while class is conducted in the Yoga Room. After the move, this will no longer be an issue.

Startups have complained about excessive noise in our current workspace. They require a quiet, open area where business can be conducted without interference from our speaker system and general facility chatter. The current fitness room, once the equipment is moved, will become the closed conference space these businesses have requested.

ACW users will still occupy half of the space above our bouldering wall. Standing desks and all (including the room frame) will be shifted down towards the stairwell.

We are very excited and eager for the upcoming changes, and hope you are as well! Our target for project completion is mid-June.

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