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Inside the Google Rock Climbing Wall

We explore Google’s offices above Chelsea Market with one goal in mind: to explore their rock climbing wall. Here’s our insider report.

google rock climbing

Perhaps one of the only working spaces to boast a rock climbing wall (other than our own, what up active co-working space) to shake up the monotony of sitting at your desk all day in New York City is none other than Google’s offices in Chelsea.

But just how good are their walls? We infiltrated the Google Rock Climbing Wall to find out.

A subtle sign points you in the right direction: "ROCK WALL"
A subtle sign points you in the right direction: “ROCK WALL”

The building itself was a playground labyrinth, full of free snacks (duh), drinks (the unhealthy ones hidden with a window frosting), and razor scooters to get around quickly. We made a beeline to the ROCK WALL.

One can opt to slide down into the rock climbing area at Google.
One can opt to slide down into the rock climbing area at Google.

After you slide (or walk) down into the pristine area where no loose chalk is allowed, you’ve now entered the climbing area, featuring a bouldering wall that spans about thirty feet across.

google rock wall view

There were just a few V0s & V1s, more V3s-V5s, and the hardest climb was rated V7. Our verdict: everything was pretty reach-y. Apparently one of our own setters sets there, and when confronted about the reach-y climbs, he simply responded “there aren’t many holds to choose from”.

As we explored, a few Googlers showed up to boulder. They looked strong, but their session was brief, maybe lasting only around thirty minutes.

googlers rock climbing

Our verdict? A-okay. The climbs were nice, and sliding down into the area is kinda fun, but if you want a real workout during your workday, we might just stay at Brooklyn Boulders.

Want to take climbing breaks at your job? If you don’t want to work for Google, we’re hiring for a ton of positions right now.  Or sign up for a presale membership at our newest location, Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge, which will feature active co-working spaces, opening soon.



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