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Community Spotlight: Meet DJ Giles Dickerson

Join community member Giles Dickerson for a Friday evening of bouldering and beats on April 8th.

Meet Giles– you’ve seen him bouldering and top roping with his two daughters. They’re familiar faces around Brooklyn Boulders on any day of the week; read on to ‘meet’ them, and then say hi!


When did you start climbing?

I started a little less than a year ago, my knees were starting to bother me running and biking and I was really bummed out having to give those avenues of fitness up. Then my brother-in-law who’s a BKB member talked me into trying climbing, I went on a Saturday morning and was instantly hooked. For maybe 6 months it was all I could think about, now I have a regular schedule of maybe 2 – 4 days a week, mostly with my kids and a day or two alone, usually weekend mornings, I love that time at BKB, it’s so quiet and NYC hasn’t really woken up yet.aa

Why did you continue climbing?

I like for similar reasons I love archery, your brain really can’t do anything other than just take a back seat to your focus on the moment, and so everything goes away but this difficult thing you’re trying to do. It’s physically challenging, mentally tough and super fun. It’s just dangerous enough to be exciting but not reckless. I also love the vibe at BKB, it feels very “safe” to me in that I know I can go there and people are going to be courteous and kind, a nice break from the stress of the city.

How has climbing affected other areas of your life?

I think it’s constantly teaching me to be humble and quiet inside. One thing I’ve noticed is that no matter what level you are whether you’re struggling with your first 4 or a serious 6-9 climber, we’re all “stuck” on something. I find that really interesting and I take it as a lesson in life. We’re always learning, and no matter how far along you are, there’s more to go, we’re all students of life and the sports and pastimes we pursue.

How do you feel climbing is affecting your children’s lives?

I think it’s certainly building confidence in themselves as well as confidence in their bodies and their ability to “play hard”. They’ve also growing (some days harder than others) as they realize their limitations and try (or don’t) to push through those limitations. Whether they be mental (fear of heights) or physical (blisters, sore arms). I think it’s an amazing sport for kids. I think combined with martial arts of dance climbing is the perfect sport for kids. I’m so blessed we discovered you guys.


Anything else you wanna share — like your electronic music school, or any other projects?

Well I have a few records coming out but they’re still being mastered, but if you’re interested in my music or design work here’s some links:


Ready to jam on Friday night with DJ Giles Dickerson? Meet us on April 15th for an evening of climbing to some sweet house music.

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