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GET PUMPED: Five Tens Are Here!

Always wanted a pair of Five Tens but couldn’t find them in stores in Chicago? We’ve got a special treat!


Starting this Sunday from 6:30 to 9:30PM, our head routesetter, Kurtis, will be conducting demos on the new Hiangles and Rogues from Five Ten, an American company and innovator in outdoor extreme sports from mountain biking, trick lining, and climbing.

Learn and feel the difference a premium climbing shoe can have on your climbing! Hiangles are new shoes from Five Ten, with a very technical and aggressive end. Meanwhile, the Rogues are considered an intro to intermediate level shoe. Both shoes will be available in men’s and women’s sizes and available colors are turquoise with gray or pink with purple.


Each demo will last 15 minutes and will last for two hours every Sunday. The best part? If you like ’em, you’ll get a 20% off coupon to purchase the shoes online. Trust us – you don’t want to miss out!


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