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We’re psyched to announce that we’re teaming up with Flash Foxy, the badass climbing girl crew, to survey the climbing community to find out how gender can affect our experiences at the gym. Take the survey to give us YOUR input and you could win a Flash Foxy tank!

Studies have shown that women are less likely to exercise regularly than men are. Some main reasons cited by women who avoid gyms were fear of judgement, embarrassment and unwanted attention/harassment by men.

With this survey, Flash Foxy and Brooklyn Boulders hopes to gain more insight on the following:

  • If gender influences a climber’s experience at the gym.
  • Identify if harassment is occurring at the gym and whether it’s being reported.
  • Discover is there are areas of the gym that climbers avoid and why.
  • Gain feedback on how user experience can be improved to increase gender equality and a safe and comfortable space for all users.  

As the climbing scene keeps growing and diversifying, gender is a topic that comes up again and again, whether it’s about gender stereotypes, ‘dude grades’, or mansplaining. 

Whether or not you’re a BKB climber, please fill out this survey to help us understand how gender can affect your experience at the climbing gym.

Stay tuned for the results.

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