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Front Desk Mixtapes presents: “Get Sweaty” by Ryan

Ryan in the Fitness area of Brooklyn Boulders Chicago

You’re climbing on a Saturday night and hear a sick song that you can’t get out of your head. The song ends on a high note – just as you’re sending a problem for the first time, and then you’re out for the night celebrating a successful climbing session. Or it’s a Tuesday morning and there’s a mesmerizing classical song that gets you in the zone, and you forget to ask who composed the piece. 


IMG_20150114_0003 (2)Welcome to the Front Desk Mixtapes, playlists played at BKB and curated by our BKB team. Want to make your own Front Desk Mixtape? Send it here and we’ll play it at BKB!

Our debut mixtape comes from Ryan, from our Spec Ops team. You can find Ryan leading Learn the Ropes courses or administering belay checks. Ryan was the first BKB team member to jump on the chance to share, so we knew we’d get a particularly excellent mix!



My taste varies day to day with my moods and when I recommend something to you, it is probably derivative of those moods.

How long have you been working at BKB? Why do you like working here?
I worked 6 months at BKB-Brooklyn in 2012 and I have been in BKB Chicago since October 2014.

What kind of music fan are you? Super devoted? Record collector? Casual fan?
Music and my bicycle are my two favorite things. My taste varies day to day with my moods and when I recommend something to you, it is probably derivative of those moods … very personal.

Are there any upcoming shows in the city you recommend?
Last week I strangely bought tickets to three shows, total impulse buys, but nonetheless looking forward to them.

If you had to choose one artist from this list as your absolute favorite, which would it be and why?
The Gaslight Anthem is for sure my favorite band on that list and probably of all time…I love to make playlists and love even more to find a reason to include their music on those lists. Mostly I dig their lyrics but having seen them live a handful of times, I can say they are both musicians and performers. Much respect.

RYAN SAYS: This delectable array of guitars and drums will treat your ears to a hopefully well met deviation from what seems to be the prevalent choice of music at the gym…meaning music that sounds as though it is leaking from a pipe in some sort of basement party (I walk into the room dripping, dripping, dripping…) Not knocking that music style, but change it up sometimes eh?

“Mange” by Deer Tick
“Collapse (Post-Amerika)” by Rise Against
“Ready to Start” by Arcade Fire
“Dashboard” by Modest Mouse
“Gang of Thieves” by State Radio
“1,000 Years” by Gaslight Anthem
“Shake it Out” by Manchester Orchestra
“Architects” by Rise Against
“Wolf Like Me” by TV on the Radio
“Deep Blue” by Arcade Fire
“Satellite” by Rise Against
“Top Notch” by Manchester Orchestra
“High Lonesome” by Gaslight Anthem
“Now That You’re Home” by Manchester Orchestra
“Not for Want of Trying” by Maybeshewill

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