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Friendsgiving: Friends Climb Free With #bkblove

Bring your friends to BKB for FREE from November 21-23.

Brooklyn Boulders community, as a thank you for making our community awesome, we’re hosting a three-day Friendsgiving extravaganza at every single Brooklyn Boulders, in New York, Boston and Chicago.

Our members are what makes our community special: this is a thank you for being the reason why we open our doors and why we are excited to wake up every day — to watch the community grow, to try something new and to push ourselves.

Come hang out with us at Brooklyn Boulders and bring your friends for free during Friendsgiving, from November 21-23.

Members are invited to bring their friends for free during Friendsgiving.* Bring your friends into Brooklyn Boulders and share a special part of your life with them.

Non-members who bring one friend will each get a two-for-one Day Pass. This offer is good on all three days leading up to Thanksgiving, which means you can bring the same friend for free every day if it feels right.

Spread the #bkblove. We look forward to meeting your BFFs.

Step 1 to Making Friends: Follow the dino’s lead



*Day Passes do not include gear. Members who bring a friend will get an extra guest pass that does not count towards their monthly pass. In-store only. 




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