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FIT TIP: On Climbing with Eduardo Orihuela


Shrink the gap. 

Every climber can improve on three things – strength, flexibility and mastery of sport. You will never here a climber say, “I was too strong to climb that wall.” The same goes with flexibility and sport skill. If you have two of the three, work on the other and your climbing ability will greatly improve.

Here is a guideline of how the best strength and conditioning coaches divide their athlete’s time:

  • 70% Sport Skill
  • 20% Strength
  • 10% Correctives, flexibility, and meditation/visualization


In short, look at what the best in the world are doing, then look at what you are doing. Then shrink the gap.


Eduardo Orihuela is a Certified Personal Trainer at Brooklyn Boulders. Sign up for a free personal training consult with Eduardo here.

His new kettlebell workshop takes place every Thursday at 7am. Registration is NOW open. 

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