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Evolution at Brooklyn Boulders

Dear BKB community, you may have noticed all the improvements we’ve been making to BKB lately – a new climbing, fitness and training center, a new Cafe/Community area in the works,​ and up next​ we will be completely revampingthe front top-roping area!

Here’s what you need to know​ about the construction​:

  • On Monday, November 21st, all front room top roping, front room lead climbing and the back of the Brooklyn Bridge will be closed to begin construction preparation.
  • Construction will cause periodic disruption in the surrounding areas: The Finger, The Cave, The Highball bouldering zones and some auto belay zones.
  • Existing walls will be completely demolished and rebuilt with a more versatile and modern design to provide a better climbing experience
  • Our goal is to complete this renovation by early 2017 – we will do our best to stick to this timeline and will keep you all updated.


  • When will construction be over?
    • Construction is projected to be completed by 1/1/2017, but as always with construction, there may be unforeseen issues along the way. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know.
  • What type of climbing walls are being built?
    • We’re renovating our walls to be the new birch walls (as we have in the front area at Brooklyn), which will feature top roping, lead climbing and a more versatile design for more diverse route setting and overall a better climbing experience. It’ll also help enforce better technique (haters gonna smear, though!).
  • Will access to QB be granted during construction?
    • In the interim, active OG members will have unlimited access to our Queensbridge location.
  • What about my membership?  Can I put it on hold while this happens?
    • Those who decide to suspend their membership due to construction will have their suspension fee waived and it will take effect 12/1/2016
    • Memberships will automatically be reactivated once construction is complete-projected 1/1/2017
  • Do I need to make a reservation to climb during construction?
    • Reservations are not required!

We’ll be saying thanks and goodbye to the old wall all weekend long – ​please stop by​,​ share ​your favorite memories and a ​get your last ​few climbs this weekend Friday, November 18 through Sunday, November 20!

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our membership department or speak to our team at the front desk.

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