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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Rock Climb

Rock climbers are naturally entrepreneurial; they rely solely on their own bodies and minds to scale a wall and to solve bouldering problems. Every aspiring entrepreneur would do well to start rock-climbing, as the sport develops and enhances physical and mental skills needed for business success. It’s why organizations like Start Up Rock Climbing throw it down here at BKB.

Here are 5 reasons why every entrepreneur should rock climb:

Climbing Increases Problem-Solving Skills: The mental side of rock-climbing is often over-looked – scaling a wall requires just as much critical thinking as physical strength. Bouldering problems are aptly named. Climbers have to mentally solve a route before completing it with exact body movements. Often you’ll find yourself stuck – much like in business – and think “where do I go from here?” Sometimes you’ll need to change your approach entirely, or sometimes you just need to pivot your hips (or business plan).

Climbing Pushes Innovation: Working out in a gym is monotonous: you run on a treadmill like everyone else in the rat race. Climbers are constantly facing new routes and fresh problems that they’ve never encountered. Entrepreneurs must be able to innovate and adapt to changing markets or circumstance, so finding solutions that do not yet exist for new problems is a great way to sharpen that skill.

Climbing Builds Persistence: Rock climbing is challenging. Nobody gets on a wall for the first-time and immediately finds success – you will fall. You will fail, just as in business. The important lesson is that you have to get back up to succeed.

Climbing Boosts Creativity, Reduces Stress: Exercise can go overlooked in a busy entrepreneur’s schedule. Which is unfortunate, because exercise releases norepinephrine, a chemical that helps balance our brains’ response to stress. Too-much stress can hinder productivity on any day.

Climbing Builds Trust: Rock climbers who boulder learn to trust themselves – their bodies and minds, to take risks like jumping to that next hold. Taking risks in business is key to success; you can’t get far playing it safe. Belaying means entrusting your life in the hands of another. You won’t get far in business if you have a partner that you don’t trust and want to micromanage. Climbing teaches you to trust your partner, and to focus on your own moves.

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