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DIY Workshop: Rope Knots with Passang Sherpa

Join Passang Sherpa on Tuesday, January 19th from 7-8PM to learn how to tie knots for utility and survival.

Tuesday, January 19 | 7-8PM
$5 Members, $15 Non-Members

Need to move a piano? Need to shove your couch through a six-flight walk-up? Are you Samwise Gamgee and do you have to drag Frodo to the mouth of Mount Doom without breaking your back? Learn how to tie ropes today to master these life challenges.

passang nepal

Our very own BKB Team Member will be leading this month’s fascinating and infinitely useful skill share: rope knots! As a former sherpa who has climbed Mt. Everest a not-so-modest two times, Passang will be teaching you how to use rope to survive.

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DIY Workshop is a monthly series for BKB members to share skills and teach each other new things. For more information on our DIY Workshop series, visit 


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