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So after leaving London, Kevin and I headed to Paris so we could do a day of quick touristing before embarking on our first climbing stop in Germany. We arrived in Paris late and had to deal with a very grumpy rental car agent that wasn’t so cheery. Long story short, she didn’t give us our car we reserved. So we had to spend a partial night in the terminal before catching an early train into Paris. We scored a classy hotel down the street from the Louvre and resituated ourselves. After some frantic phone calls and emptying a few more euro out of the wallet, I finally managed to get a car for our trip and we were good to go.

Passed out in the middle of Paris

We were kind of exhausted after our night in the terminal, so we spent most of the day sunbathing in the Paris sun. But we also found the time to check out a lot of Paris, lay out in the sun eating cheese and drinking wine, watch a sunset movie in the park (you know, very romantic kind of activities that made Kevin and I feel real awkward), and of course did some more buildering.

Classique dinner in the park
Warm-up problem in front of the Centre Pompidou
Great buildering terrain throughout Parc-de-la-villette

One of Kevin’s friends from back in the states, Jean-Jacques, was in Paris teaching a french class and we caught up with him and some of his students for a delightful French lunch (we were total lunch-crashers). We filled up on excellent food and wine before hitting the road.  This definitely felt as if it was to be our ‘last great meal’ before going into full fledged road-trip mode.

Lunch crashing! delicious

But now it’s game time here in Frankenjura, Germany.  I’ve been climbing as much as I can so that my fingers can get as strong as possible. It’s been a constant cycle of eating, sleeping, and climbing at the moment.

In case you are unfamiliar with the area, this is where the idea of a ‘red-point’ ascent was created. Red circles were drawn a the start of climbs that were yet to be completed without falling, and once it was climbed, then the dot would be then filled in i.e. redpoint (very cool).

'Rotpunkt' or 'redpoint'

It’s incredible how extensive this place actually is. It’s literally made up of hundreds of small crags, all of which all you can drive to and have very short approaches (very nice!). Kevin and I  are loving it but are feeling a bit spoiled. But you have to agree that it is nice to do a few routes in one area, hop into the car and refuel with a quick energy bar on the way to the next crag. It seems to keep the psyche going.

Laying the hammer down with a solid on-sight of Cafe Grande 12c
A quality send of Spiderman 13b
Rest days are vital as any road-tripper knows. We've only had one so far and I highly recommend an IKEA if available. It's a great place to pick-up a cheap new rope bag (we forgot ours), and get a good nap.
Kevin delving into his German roots

In addition to my climbing journey throughout Europe, I’m here as an ambassador to Brooklyn Boulders to spread the good word internationally. I’ve been meeting and making friends with some wonderful people and I’m looking forward to meeting many more.

Enrico and Max, two of the newest BKB international crew

I finally felt like I was getting into the rhythm of climbing well again until yesterday. I managed a quick send of a 14a route; however, my knee kind of popped doing a hard drop knee move. I believe it may be a sprained MCL at this point, but I’m just giving it the R.I.C.E. treatment and taking a few days off.

Some R.I.C.E. for me in Nuremberg
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