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Day 4, RAIN!!

Another day setting at the PRG, today we nearly finished all the problems for the redpoint round, thats nearly 70 problems. These climbs cover the complete grade spectrum and will get the kids psyched. For the red point comp we’ve divided the gym up in 14 sections with 4 or 5 climbs per section. There will be a judge for each section watching the kids climbing and signing score cards. Each section will also hold 2 finals climbs.

This section is for Ivan. Today I can across this,

This crimp is a classic old school pusher hold. There’s a famous line in Dosage 1 where Ivan said ” Itsy bitsy crimpers, maybe just a little bit too heinous on problem number 3″. He’s reffering to a move off this crimp.

It rained hard all day. The PRG is located right between 2 rivers and they’ve been rising drastically all day. As we left the bridge nearly flooded, and water was about a foot below the gym. Sandbags have been set up around all entrances in hopes of keeping out the water, if the gym were to flood. Hopefully its not flooded when we get back in the morning.

Sandbag blockade.

After getting back to Jeremy’s Mrs. Bini had cooked a fantastic dinner of quesadillas. She had also made us the best brownies I have ever had for Desert. Jeremy and I both ate way too much and felt sick.

Jeremy enjoying the Brownies.

Check back for the final day of setting, Day 5.


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