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Day 1, Junior Bouldering Invitationals

After a long drive to the PRG in Coatesville, we were ready to set. Jeremy and I met the rest of the crew Dino Norcini and Keith Dickey.

We stripping the remaining walls for for today and rounded up all the dirty holds. At the PRG they don’t wash their holds in a dishwash instead we took them to the car wash, where we pressure washed them clean.

With all our clean holds we got to work and started setting. Jeremy and I set 3 problems each, paying great attention to detail, working hard to make these problems really fun and kid friendly.

After we fore-ran our work and made a few changes. ¬†We spent a few hours working on harder problems for the redpoint part of the comp. I set a red problem in 9 to 11 range the follows the right arete in the picture above, not sure how it came out but i”m happy with. We’ll be climbing those tomorrow.

The comp format. There will be a 4 hour redpoint comp where competitors can climb on 70 problems of all grades then those who qualify will climb 4 finals problems to decide the winner. The Kids are divided up into 3 categories for each sex, 11 and under, 12 to 14 and 15+.

Check back tomorrow for another update.

Mark & Jeremy

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