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CRUSHING ON: Pretty in Pink & Can’t Buy Me Love

Many of us on staff our 80s babies, so it made perfect sense to create a retro prom as we dive deep into spring. And the best era for prom shenanigans? Definitely the 80s. From the pink throwback tutu-like dresses to the glittery disco balls to the love of neon colors, the 80s were a time to indulge in visual excess. In anticipation of SPRING CRUSH, we’re taking a look back at the films that inspired our latest Brooklyn Boulders Chicago signature event.

It wouldn’t be a prom-themed event without some romantic drama. Two of our favorite 80s films (the uber popular Pretty in Pink and the more obscure Can’t Buy Me Love featuring a baby Patrick Dempsey) served as more inspiration for our event. What does that mean? Pops of pink, silly poses on the bouldering mats and messy love triangles.





Pretty in Pink holds a special place in our hearts and for good reason. From Andie’s D-I-Y fashion choices to Duckie’s Otis Redding sing-a-longs to Steff’s general jerkishness, Pretty in Pink remains a memorable piece of the 80s teen movie canon by perfectly encapsulating the conflicting dynamics of young adult life. Does one make decisions based on their heart or their head? Can one overcome the limitations of class? Is high school forever? (Our answer: yes).


Can’t Buy Me Love is another treat. Whereas the late 90s were all about giving the teen girl a makeover, in Can’t Buy Me Love, a teen boy gets the chance to be “cool” by “dating” the most popular girl in school. The film is in no way as memorable as John Hughes’ classics, but we still like its for its easy charms and simple view on navigating the dangerous waters of young adulthood.

SPRING CRUSH takes place THURSDAY, April 14th from 6-8PM.
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