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Compete For Bragging Rights in New BKB Fitness Challenges

Brooklyn Boulders’ Personal Trainer and parkour aficionado, Natalia Boltutkhova, wants to change the way you think about fitness with new BKB Fitness Challenges.

Fitness #Inspired

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Monday Night (4/13) at 8PM

Take part in a physical competition completely out of the ordinary. BKB Fitness Challenges are spontaneous, one-on-one competitions that can happen on any day within a two-week cycle of competition.

On day one, tomorrow night, Natalia will present the inaugural fitness challenge to all those present. This challenge will be one activity or exercise that attendees must complete. The first two people to complete the challenge will be awarded with a white karate sash, which they will sign with their name in permanent marker.

For the next two weeks, anyone in the facility can challenge sash holders to an activity. Challengers determine the task. If the challenger wins, they also earn the right to wear the sash. At the end of two weeks, the last person wearing the sash is the winner and its permanent owner.

Key: Fitness challenges can include anything physical, literally anything. 


Natalia is pretty damn good at handstands. Watch out.
Be warned: Natalia is pretty damn good at handstands.


A fitness challenge might be a handstand contest, and it might be a pull-up contest. But it could also be an apple-eating contest, plank contest, or one-leg-stand endurance challenge.

Forget pushups and reps. These challenges allow competitors to play to their strengths and do something oddball. Strategy, and safe practices, are highly important.

  1. Competition endures for two weeks.
  2. Undefeated competitors are obliged to wear their sash, indicating that anyone can challenge them.
  3. Sash earners must sign their name on the sash.
  4. Every challenger gets one chance per day to challenge each sash bearer.
  5.  The most recent ex-keeper of the sash cannot challenge anyone on the day of their defeat.
  6. Last person with a sash when the competition ends gets to keep it!


Consider us fitness inspired. Be there Monday night at 8PM to get a head start on the competition! 






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