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Community Spotlight: Whitney Meza, Head Personal Trainer at BKB Somerville

This week’s Community Spotlight: Whitney Meza, Head Personal Trainer at BKB Somerville.

Whitney Meza, climbing at BKB Somerville
 Boston native Whitney Meza is often found working out or working people out at BKB Somerville. In her downtime, she likes to cook in her downtime, or to kick around the city on her bicycle with a post-workout soy mocha.

We chat with her on this week’s Community Spotlight:

Who are you and how did you get to Brooklyn Boulders?
I am a movement specialist and a – literal – pain in the ass. I am honored to work with the human body and I get a kick out of the human mind. I knew C/F Director Gavin Heverly through bikes and a mutual community. I began with BKBS pre opening as a yoga instructor and am fortunate to have a hand in building our personal training department.

How did you start climbing?
Through working at BKB, I’ve gained exposure to a new dialect of fitness and health. Climbing is natural to our bodies and backtracking to harness proper technique is very humbling.

How has climbing changed your life?
Vertical training opens so many doors to the strength and health progression of my clients. I have the pleasure to work with community members who consider fitness their lifestyle, not simply a mandated hour of their day. Clients are motivated to climb, project, and pop the bubble of their comfort zone in ways that can never be replicated in a standard gym environment.

What are your current biggest projects, on and off the wall?
Utilizing the climbing technique I am learning is one of my greatest challenges. I tend to dive into challenges the way a kid annihilates bday cake. Stepping back to plan and focus affords me the best progressions with my climbing.
Off the wall? I’m remastering my free time. Adoring your career and the community it houses poses a challenge when blending work with play :).

Who/what inspires you?
Those who show up inspire me. Take that as you will!

Whitney Meza is a Certified Personal Trainer at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville.


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