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Community Spotlight: Meet Model Clara Settje

Meet Clara Settje, Canadian American model and BKB climber. Because not every Brooklyn climber is a burly bearded man in skinny jeans.

Who are you and how did you get to Brooklyn?
My name is Clara. I guess happenstance brought me Brooklyn, and trains, planes, and automobiles keep bringing me back.

What keeps your hours occupied?
Most of my time I spend working. I know it sounds quite anticlimactic for a young person to work constantly, but it gives me the freedom and the fire to pursue some awesome adventures.

clara settje
via Instagram. Climbing makes one all outdoorsy.

How did you start climbing?
I am newbie when it comes to rock climbing. Since a young age I was always climbing things, always preferred to be on top of mountains instead of looking up at them. So it’s no wonder I finally found myself in a rock climbing gym a few months ago.

Clara, bouldering at BKB.
Clara, bouldering at BKB.

How has climbing impacted your life?
I have been discovering this whole community of tight knit climbers through friends and strangers. Everyone seems thrilled to find a newbie. I never expected it to be so inviting and connected.

What are your current projects, on and off the wall?
The wall is always and forever a project, but off the wall it’s just getting to more places, discovering more beauty in the world.

via Instagram. Muscles via BKB.
via Instagram. Muscles via BKB.

Say hi to Clara next time you’re at BKB! Check her out on Instagram, and stay tuned for more Community Spotlights.

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